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Aura-Soma & ChromoTherapy - Cape Town • Feel more relaxed • Rediscover your enthusiasm for life • Improve your relationships • Feel more confident • Bring more love and caring into our life • Rebalance and revitalise your energy • Access your inner self and your intuition. Their vibrant colours will lovingly guide and support you towards wellbeing and self-awareness. <u>Aura</u>-<u>Soma</u> & ChromoTherapy - Cape Town
Aura-Soma®. "The Essences are each a separate glass Through which Being’s Lht is passed - Each tinted fragment sparkles in the sun A thousand colours - But the Lht is One" Lao Tsu.

Dev Aura House of Lht e [email protected]aura-soma Through Aura-Soma you can use the dynamic, living energies of nature to help you in so many ways…. Dev <i>Aura</i> House of Lht e info@<i>aura</i>-<i>soma</i>
The Aura-Soma ‘House of Lht’. Dev Aura, a beautifully restored country rectory, is the residential training centre for ‘ Aura-Soma Academy’.

Visit Document - ERP Software for Distribution Business Dev Aura, a beautifully restored country rectory, is the residential training centre for ‘Aura-Soma Academy’. Visit Document - ERP Software for Distribution Business
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About Aura-Soma Colour, Aura-Soma® and Life by Dominic Aura-Soma is a beautifully simple but incredibly powerful, self-selective soul therapy. About <em>Aura</em>-<em>Soma</em> Colour, <em>Aura</em>-<em>Soma</em>® and Life by Dominic
Aura-Soma is a colour care system that began with an inspiration, an inspiration of beautiful colours flowing towards the mind’s eye of an elderly blind lady ed Vicky Wall.

Mystical Gift - Aura Soma Sedona From this inspiration in 1983 a colour care system has grown that now encircles the planet. Mystical Gift - <em>Aura</em> <em>Soma</em> Sedona
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Aura-Soma Absolutely free, no gimmick charges at end to download or anything. <i>Aura</i>-<i>Soma</i>
The AURA-SOMA Colour-Care-System ®. "You are the colours you choose. and these reflect your being's needs" Vicky Wall - founder of Aura-Soma.

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Terapie Duszy Elissabeth Dumana - Aura-Soma, Esencje. Wer im Internet stöbert, findet so manches Schnäppchen. Terapie Duszy Elissabeth Dumana - <u>Aura</u>-<u>Soma</u>, Esencje.
Aura-Soma jest jedną z najpiękniejszych i najbardziej skutecznych terapii duszy. Jest to unikalna metoda wykorzystująca leczniczą moc kolorów, minerałów, kamieni szlachetnych i energii roślin.

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Music Aura-Soma Man kann sagen, dass diese Spezialmassage eine Kombination aus traditioneller Massagek und Energiearbeit darstellt, die auf vielen Ebenen dazu beiträgt, das eene Wobefinden zu steern oder wiederherzustellen und das Immunsystem zu aktivieren. Music <em>Aura</em>-<em>Soma</em>
The Aura-Soma color care system connects the lht to the body; it speaks of the being of lht within and the living energies of lht that surround us.

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